Tomorrow’s Smiles, Today

Oral health is one of the most important virtues that can be instilled in our children. Recent figures have shown that over 120,000 children have needed to have teeth removed in England due to decay, between 2011-2015. This is a number that has grown almost 10% over the previous period, and is almost 70 children per day! Studies have shown that children who avoid tooth decay until the age of 16 have an 85% chance of then avoiding it for the rest of their lives, due to a healthy environment having been created in their mouths. This is the hope, and this is the target that we aim for through our Smilescool program.

Tooth decay is a problem that crosses socio-economic lines, and is endemic within society in this age. Through Smilescool, we aim to educate children about their oral health, and how to look after themselves without it being a boring practice!

Through educational games, songs, stories and activities, we aim to teach children how they can look after their teeth and gums, and turn a trip to the dentist from something that is dreaded into something that is looked forward to.

Smilescool Co-Ordinator Denise Peel has worked with the system for 9 years, perfecting how to deliver the syllabus to children in a way that keeps them engaged and entertained long after the sessions have ended. Through visits to nurseries and schools, she educates children with an aim to keeping them healthy for life, as well as through running Smilescool and Oral Health Education sessions within the practice itself.

In her own words: “It’s about keeping the kids involved in their dental health development.”

It has never been easier to look out for your child’s health; with our range of Child Patient Plans, you could gain access to the Smilescool program, as well as regular dental check-ups and hygienist vists, all in order to secure your child’s future and to help them keep a good standard of oral health for life.

Contact us today for more information, and we’ll let you know exactly what your options are, and get your child on the road to being decay free!