The Dangers of DIY Braces

Watching TV or logging in to Social Media adverts for the newest attempt at ‘home orthodontics’ quickly appear. These companies proclaim that they can offer you straight teeth, quickly and safely, without a trip to the dentist. However, there’s significant research to show that this isn’t nearly the case.

Due to the ‘hands off’ nature of these treatments, you could potentially be in for a world of problems. Orthodontic work requires thorough and complicated treatment planning, which can’t be completed robustly when you don’t even physically see a dentist or orthodontist during the treatment.

The structures surrounding or supporting teeth (periodontal) can be a major hurdle in correcting the alignment of your teeth; movement has to be considered and use strong foundations. Periodontal issues (e.g. gum disease) can’t be diagnosed or identified from a distance and require close examination in order to be recognized and treated appropriately. Failing to do this and then attempting to alter the alignment of your teeth could even result in the complete loss of teeth if not dealt with appropriately.

There is also no guarantee that your teeth will be moved within their limits to a healthy position. The positioning and spacing of teeth is a precise and complex process that can’t have a uniform approach applied to it – just as every person isn’t the same, every mouth certainly isn’t!

For people with particularly crowded teeth, there are further problems that could arise from using these ‘hands off’ orthodontic treatments. They can result in teeth being pushed too far out, into incorrect positions and can cause problems such as open bites or receding gums – problems that, under the actual care of a dentist, would be identified and prevented before they created an issue.

Finally, we frequently see that treatments such as this rely on individuals taking impressions of their teeth themselves at home. From these impressions (and these alone), the necessary calculations and measurements are run and the aligners created. So imagine, if these impressions aren’t perfect, then how can your treatment be correct? Taking impressions is a skill that takes a long time to learn and even longer to master, certainly not just something anyone can pick up immediately and complete accurately.

Comparatively, if you were to consider Invisalign instead, you’d be looking at a bespoke treatment plan, created in tandem with your own dentist – who you see in person – which is then routinely reviewed and returned to, in order to ensure that the correct and relevant alignments are taking place. What’s more, with the Invisalign Guarantee, if you’re not happy with your end result as the agreed movements haven’t been completed, more aligners will be commissioned and used to get you the perfect smile that you deserve.

So, if you want a straighter smile, Contact us at Reece Dental to help you reach that goal? With free initial consultations* available, and free Whitening included on every treatment, don’t leave the fate of your smile up to companies who will never even meet you, let us get you to the smile you deserve – together!”