Crowns in Birmingham

Complete your smile with a single or multiple crowns. A crown is attached to a tooth permanently and will restore and improve the shape, size, strength, and appearance of your problem tooth or teeth.

So why are crowns used?

  • They are used to strengthen teeth that have undergone root canal surgery
  • They can repair a damaged tooth due to accident or injury
  • They can protect teeth that have been heavily restored (large filling) from breaking
  • They can hide the result of teeth grinding or teeth that have been severely worn down
  • They can make your smile more aesthetically pleasing.

Crowns, which are sometimes referred to as ‘caps’ can be made from porcelain, ceramic and even gold, Porcelain and ceramic crowns are however considered to be superior to other types of crown because of the quality of the materials that are used. They also have a natural looking appearance by naturally complimenting the rest of your smile.

The procedure

It takes just TWO appointments to create your custom made crown and get you on route to that perfect smile.

At the first appointment your dentist will shave away a thin layer of your tooth, a special mould will be taken of your tooth and a temporary crown will be fitted. Your mould is then sent to the laboratory where it is customised to precisely fit your teeth.
You will them be invited back to the surgery approximately 7 to 10 days later where we will remove your temporary crown and fit your permanent crown.

With good oral hygiene your crown can last for up to ten years. Booking an appointment with your hygienist would be recommended so she can give you helpful hints and tips to ensure you get the maximum longevity from your crown.

If you would like to find out more about crowns then contact us today on 0121 355 5180 for a complimentary consultation and you could be one step closer to your perfect smile.