Composite Bonding

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Dental composite bonding is an effective cosmetic technique for disguising discoloured, uneven or chipped teeth. Quick and less invasive than some other cosmetic procedures, this proven technique can enhance your smile in just one visit.


To give you a straighter and whiter smile our composite bonding dentists will have a personal consultation with you to discover the best cosmetic technique for your smile. Composite bonding is ideal for you if you have healthy teeth and your crooked smile is not caused by under or overbite. If composite bonding is not right for you, we do have many other safe and expertly delivered cosmetic options available which our dentists can talk through during the consultation.


During the procedure we will use a composite resin, carefully molded and shaped on to the outer surface of the teeth. A bonding agent is then expertly applied over the top. The resin is set using a special light and lastly polished to a beautiful shine.


Your new smile, boosted by our successful composite bonding treatment, should usually last from 3 to 5 years depending on your oral habits.


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