Hygiene Therapy in Birmingham

A visit to see the dental hygienist is not only an important factor for maintaining a healthy smile but can also be a life changing experience.

Many people believe that just seeing the dentist alone is enough to maintain healthy teeth and gums but visiting the hygienist regularly is a key factor.

It our dental hygienists job to carefully examine your gums and your teeth paying particular attention to any presence of:-

  • Plaque and tartar
  • Bleeding
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling

The hygienist will remove any plaque or tartar by gentle scraping or scaling and polishing. In some cases the tartar may have gone below gum level on the root surfaces so the hygienist will undertake a procedure called Root Planing to ensure that the teeth can be cleaned effectively.

At Reece Associates our hygienists will work closely with you to design a tailor made cleaning programme that will best suit your needs, this will ensure that your gums and teeth are kept as healthy as possible and with the advice that is provided to you, you will be able to maintain this high level of oral hygiene.

Patient Education

Our hygienists are excellent in educating patients when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile. This can be done by: –

  • Showing patients how to use a their toothbrush effectively,
  • Recommendations of electric toothbrushes,
  • Showing patients how to floss effectively
  • Using Interdental brushes

Air Abrasion

Our natural teeth are prone to staining. This is excelled by factors such as drinking a lot of tea and coffee, drinking red wine and smoking. The hygienist can remove the majority of staining, in most cases by simply scaling. But if you suffer from more extensive staining this can be removed by an innovative treatment called Air Abrasion.

Reece Dental Fresh Breath Clinic

A lot of people are secretly very conscious of their breath but are often too embarrassed to seek help. Reece Dental have been able to help thousands of people achieve fresh breath and regain confidence.

What causes bad breath?

There are many different factors that can cause unpleasant smelling breath:

  • Build up of plaque bacteria that releases bacteria coating the tongue, teeth and particularly the spaces between the teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Smoking
  • Poor denture hygiene
  • Pungent foods such as coffee garlic etc
  • Dry mouth and saliva
  • Infections in the ear, nose, throat and sinusitis
  • Diabetes, liver and kidney problems
  • Underlying health problems.

If you would like to discuss your options further, in confidence, then contact us or call Reece Dental today on 0121 355 5180.