An Open Letter From Michael Reece

At Reece Associates we understand that “The Dentist” has historically been a place that many people would prefer to avoid!

Little wonder as early dental practices were brutal, and delivered with a belief that the pain patients were subjected to was less than if problems were left untreated.

Gladly things have changed with the introduction of modern technology and today’s knowledge. We are now able to deliver care gently and with real consideration for the individual needs of our patients.

Dentistry is after all, very personal, as we do at times work within personal space, and winning your trust is the vital key to success. It allows us to develop a relationship with you, in which we can provide both quality clinically required treatments or the range of aesthetically desired enhancements available today.

Being happy and comfortable in the Dental environment also allows us to share with you, or your children, the information and little tricks, which we now know lead to a healthier oral environment, a better smile and improved general health.

The best and least costly way to keep your teeth all of your life is to keep them healthy from the start, and as tooth decay is a transmitted disease, which is caught when your first tooth comes through…it is never too early to start.

For the majority of us who have missed this opportunity to protect ourselves, it is reassuring that although not much gets better with age….at least the health of your mouth can! This is something that we, as a team, at Reece Associates want for each and every one of our patients.

If this is something you are interested in, or you merely want to know more, why not contact us today, and start the journey toward a healthier mouth, today.