What is Smilescool ?

Smilescool at Reece Associates

A truly preventive approach to kids dentistry

Sutton ColdfieldReece Associates, kids dentist Sutton Coldfield, is home to the original Smilescool, offering a safe, informative and fun environment for children to learn all about their teeth and their oral health.

About Smilescool

Smilescool is a revolutionary new way to deliver dental treatment, care and education to children from birth to 11 years, at an affordable cost. Enrolling in Smilescool will help your child take care of their teeth and mouth throughout their early years. This in turn will lead to an 89% chance that at 15 years old, your child’s teeth will be free of decay (information from the Government ‘Future Study’ 2005).

The right start for healthy smiles

From birth to 11 years, Smilescool supports children’s understanding of the importance of their teeth, and helps to develop positive associations with oral health care. As well as providing a system for teaching children how to clean their mouths effectively, Smilescool also encourages them to practise and evaluate their skills on an ongoing basis at home. From the very beginning, your child will learn how they can look after their smile with the right care and attention. With a strong emphasis on prevention through education, Smilescool is designed to:

  • Remove all fear of the dentist
  • Help children and families understand oral health care and how tooth decay and gum disease develops
  • Teach the skills necessary to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Lifelong oral health care

Research from the World Health Authority now shows that the bacteria that cause decay and gum disease also increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, premature birth and even miscarriage. With the Smilescool education and practice programme, we will make sure that your child develops the essential behaviour needed for oral health care – and that this becomes a natural habit lasts all of their life.

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