The Children’s Dentist Sutton Coldfield

At Reece Associates, we believe that children are never too young to learn the importance of caring for their teeth. That is why we have developed our own cutting edge approach to Children’s Dentistry Sutton Coldfield, educating children of all ages.

Encouraging a healthy relationship with teeth

Home to the centre for Positive Oral Development for Children (POD), our practice features a non-clinical interactive learning environment that is specifically designed and equipped to appeal to children of all ages, helping them to overcome any fears and apprehensions around visiting the dentist and receiving dental treatment.

Welcomed into POD’s interactive learning zone, with knee high computers and a range of dental health education books, every child who joins Reece Associates, children’s dentist Sutton Coldfield, is provided with things they need to develop a healthy and rewarding interest in the health of their mouth, teeth and gums, and develop the oral health care skills, techniques and habits necessary to keep their mouths healthy for life.


Through POD, we also deliver Smilescool, a revolutionary programme of dental treatment, care and education to children from birth to 11 years that is endorsed by the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) and Birmingham Dental Hospital.

As well as forming part of Reece Associates’ Children’s Dentistry Sutton Coldfield, the Smilescool programme is now being rolled out across the UK in partnerships with both Aquafresh and DPAS. Click here to visit the smilescool page.

BDHF chief executive Dr Nigel Carter says:

The Foundation is delighted to be working with Smilescool, whose system will assist the important change to a new emphasis on preventive dental care. Providing a fun environment and educating children in dental hygiene habits will also help transform the image of a trip to the dentist. This is a highly innovative project that we are confident will help towards positive progress in children’s oral health.’