Managing Dental Problems During the Covid-19 Outbreak

During these unusual and challenging times we are not able to run Reece Associates as fully as we would like. We are still dedicated to the well being of our patients but we equally need to minimize the risks faced by our own team of dental care professionals and the wider community. Therefore currently we are only authorized to undertake emergency dental treatment for our Private and NHS patients.

We have created a useful PDF below which explains what is classified as dental emergency.

Sadly, because of the current restrictions it is possible that we may not be able treat you over this period. To help we’ve included in the PDF below is some useful advice as to how to manage dental problems at home until you are able to come in and see us again.

If you are unable to manage your symptoms at home with the advice in the PDF please call us on 07546 357470.

Emergency Dental Care and Managing Dental Problems at Home