Facial Aesthetics Treatments At Reece Dental

There are times everyone needs a confidence boost, Facial Aesthetics can be the perfect solution to help you look and feel your best. Reece Dental are delighted to unveil our new Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics treatments.

Our treatments include:

Filler Treatment – to help smooth out imperfections or augment chosen areas such as lips or chin. We also offer Tear Trough Fillers and Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. Discover more about Dermal Fillers

Specialist Treatments – Facial rejuvenation using toxin treatments to reduce signs of aging. Discover more about Specialist Facial Treatments

Profhilo Skincare –  a revolutionary skin moisturising treatment to improve firmness and bring back your natural glow. Discover more Profhilo Skincare

Available at our modern Sutton Coldfield practice, all Facial Aesthetics treatments are delivered by our experience and qualified practitioner Dr Sehrish Refiq. Our aim is to provide naturally enhancing facial aesthetic treatments in a safe and painless way – so you can show the world the you you’re really proud of.

Contact us today to book your free no-obligation consultation or discover more by visiting our Facial Aesthetics pages.