Natural Looking Dentures Sutton Coldfield

If you are suffering partial or complete tooth loss, Reece Associates can help you regain your confidence and your smile. We are experts in natural looking dentures that restore the appearance and function of a complete set of teeth.

Whether you are a seasoned denture wearer, or you are considering wearing dentures for the first time, we will work closely with your needs to provide the solution that will give you back your confidence to smile, laugh and chew the foods you want to enjoy.

Experience an exceptional level of personal care

By choosing Reece Associates, you will benefit from individually designed handcrafted dentures, provided by highly experienced, trained and qualified experts. As well as understanding your personal fears regarding tooth loss and denture replacement, we will go the extra mile to alleviate your concerns.

Your complimentary consultation

During your discreet, personal consultation, we will quickly understand what you want from your dentures and carefully explain the denture types and technical procedures suitable for your individual needs. With the close attention of our team, you will soon be wearing the comfortable, natural-looking dentures that will enable you to enjoy life, as before.

Great looking, longer lasting results that never look like false teeth

With a unique combination of technical and clinical skills, our team can provide you with a wide variety of removable denture types:

Partial Dentures (metal alloy dentures, plastic dentures or flexible dentures)

A partial denture replaces individual missing teeth and can be made from gum coloured plastic or from a less bulky metal alloy, both of which hold the individual replacement teeth. They prevent your remaining natural teeth from moving into unsightly and awkward positions. Partial dentures restore your smile and eating becomes more comfortable with a complete smile.

Complete Dentures

A ‘complete denture’ or ‘full denture’ is one which replaces all the lost natural teeth and adjacent tissues in either the upper or lower jaws. Full dentures provide support for your face especially around your mouth, lips and cheeks.

Call us today to discover how we can help you achieve that natural, confident smile again.