Dental Bridges in Birmingham

If you have a missing tooth due to tooth decay or perhaps an accident, a dental bridge may be the perfect solution for you if you are looking fill the gap. Failure to fill the gap may lead to an increased risk of oral diseases. Surrounding teeth can tend to drift and rotate causing a change in your bite.

You may not want to wear a partial denture to hide the gap which will involve you taking it out daily to clean so a bridge may be the perfect permanent solution for you.

A dental bridge is an appliance that fills the space of a missing tooth or teeth by linking on to your teeth that are either side of the gap.

Bridges are crafted beautifully out of porcelain, they can correct any bite issues, are extremely durable and are the much needed appliance to improve the function of your mouth and make it aesthetically pleasing.

The procedure

In just TWO appointments you can have the perfect smile.

It takes two appointments to have your bridge created. At your first appointment the teeth either side of your gap are shaped and a special mould of your teeth is taken. A temporary bridge is placed. Your special mould is then sent to the laboratory where it is carefully crafted and customised to precisely fit your teeth.

You will then return back to see you dentist about 7-10 days later and your temporary bridge is removed and your new custom made bridge is fitted. Perfect!

With good oral hygiene your bridge can last for up to ten years. Booking an appointment with your hygienist would be recommended so she can give you helpful hints and tips to ensure you get the maximum longevity from your bridge.


If you would like to find out more about dental bridges then call us today on 0121 514 7528 for a complimentary consultation and you could be one step closer to your perfect smile.